Is there truth behind all humor, or is it the other way around?

Jester uses a collaborative filtering algorithm called Eigentaste to recommend jokes to you based on your ratings of previous jokes.


Jester now uses Eigentaste 5.0, an algorithm that improves upon Eigentaste. In addition, user registration has been made optional.

To learn more about Eigentaste, go here.


After telling us where you heard about Jester, click on the "Show Me Jokes!" button. You'll be given a set of 8 jokes to rate. After that, Jester will begin recommending jokes that have been personalized to your tastes.

Please rate the jokes by clicking on the rating bar on the bottom on the screen. Click to the left of the rating bar if the joke makes you wince or to the right if it makes you laugh uncontrollably, and anywhere in between if appropriate. If you have seen or heard a joke before, please try to recall how funny it was to you the first time you heard it and rate it accordingly.

Note: Some of the jokes in our database may be considered by some to be offensive. If you are likely to be offended by mild ethnic, sexist, or religious jokes, please do not continue. Thank you.

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